Fraud Prevention, Litigation & Trial Support, Expert Witness Services

The Fraud & Forensic Team of A.S. Advisory specializes in the detection, prevention, investigation, and reporting of fraud, theft, and other misconduct that can place the financial and reputational viability of a company at risk. We have a unique ability to reconstruct complex financial events and accounting transactional activity. Our credentials and investigative experience makes us an invaluable resource for Litigation and Trial Support or as Expert Witnesses.


- Billing schemes.

- Payroll fraud.

- Cash skimming analysis.

- Design, review and documentation of prevention and detection controls.

- Financial institution fraud, including money-laundering and loan fraud.

- Healthcare fraud, including third party payor re-imbursement fraud.

- Real Estate fraud, including appraisal fraud and equity skimming.

- Construction fraud, including contract and procurement fraud.

- Litigation Support: Valuation, Income Analysis, Asset Searches, Economic Damages, Lost Profits.