Fraud Prevention, Litigation & Trial Support, Expert Witness Services

The Fraud & Forensic Team of A.S. Advisory specializes in the detection, prevention, investigation, and reporting of fraud, theft, and other misconduct that can place the financial and reputational viability of a company at risk. We have a unique ability to reconstruct complex financial events and accounting transactional activity. Our credentials and investigative experience makes us an invaluable resource for Litigation and Trial Support or as Expert Witnesses.


  • Fraud Examinations.
  • Business Valuations.
  • Internal Controls.
  • Audit Support.
  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support:
  • Litigation support includes providing assistance to the legal community in:

    • understanding complex financial or accounting documents;
    • assisting in the discovery process through the identification of relevant documents;
    • reconstructing financial events and accounting transactional activity;
    • displaying and graphing the results in a manner that a jury can comprehend;
    • formulating questions for financial, business and accounting personnel in the deposition or trial phase;
    • evaluating the reports or testimony of opposing expert witnesses;
    • performing complex business valuations.